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NCLGA League Rules

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General Competition Rules

  1. All players must be female at birth or have the female gender assigned.
  2. All matches and competitions will be governed by the Rules of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club, the Local Rules of the course upon which a match or competition is played, and the NCLGA Competition Local Rules.
  3. All players must be current members of the County Association. Associate Members may play in all competitions or matches except the County Championships and the Inter County matches.
  4. Entry fees must be paid before any competition commences. Entry fees received are used to contribute towards expenses incurred in the running of competitions and to provide prizes.
  5. In the case of withdrawal from a competition, entry fees will not be refunded after the draw has been made.
  6. In all NCLGA competitions, including NCLGA league and interclub matches, a player or caddie must not ride on any form of motorised transportation except as authorised or later approved by the executive committee. The committee will decide whether this is granted on a temporary or ongoing basis. Players are permitted to self-certify in the event where a temporary or ongoing medical condition prevents them from walking. They will be asked to complete a self-certification form which can be obtained from the Honorary Secretary. The buggy certificate must be in place two weeks prior to the closing date of a competition or match. An exception is also granted to those players who are aged 80 years or over for all competitions. All motorised transportation is for sole use only.
  7. In competitions, ties will be decided on last 18, 9, 6 or 3 holes.
  8. Handicap Index limits apply at the time of entry to the competition. When a player’s Handicap Index exceeds this limit on the date of the competition, she will be allowed to compete but must play off the maximum allowable playing handicap.
  9. A competitor can take the vouchers (however many) that come with Cups and Trophies. However, they cannot take a voucher if there is no Cup or Trophy and they have already won a voucher.
  10. Competitors can only represent 1 club per competition in a calendar year. The competitions that this applies to are: Mixed Interclub, Ladies Interclub and all League Competitions.

Silver, Bronze & Scratch League - General Rules

  1. All league matches will be played between April 1st and September 30th.
  2. Matches are to be played in strict order of handicap index.
  3. It is not a requirement for a club to be represented by the same competitors throughout the course of the competition.
  4. All matches must be played by the final stipulated date. If not played by this date, no points will be awarded to either side. One point is awarded for each match that is won and half a point for each tied match.
  5. Clubs failing to provide a full team will forfeit non-contended games. A score of 1 Up will be awarded to the opponent for each forfeited game.
  6. On completion of all matches, the winning club in each division will be promoted and bottom club go down a division.
  7. Notice of the results of each match must be sent to the Assistant Competition Secretary by the winning club as soon as possible. In the case of the Scratch League, to the Scratch League Organiser.
  8. Disputes will normally be settled by the captains of the teams concerned. In cases where this method proves unacceptable, the disputes shall be referred to the executive committee. A quorum of three members of the executive committee (one of whom should be the County Captain or President), will then make a decision, which will be final.

Silver & Bronze League

  1. Each league match will consist of seven games of singles match play (or such other number of games as the executive committee shall determine). Any such amendments to the number of games will be clearly specified on the League Competition page of the NCLGA website.
  2. Matches will be played on both home and away courses. If no agreement is reached on a start time, matches are to be played in the afternoon.
  3. The handicap index limits for competition are as follows:
    a. Silver – up to 19.5
    b. Bronze – 16.0 to 36.0
  4. Players should not be asked to play off a lower handicap index, but they may volunteer to do so.
  5. The handicap allowance for a game is calculated by subtracting the lower playing handicap from the higher playing handicap. The full difference of shots is then allocated to the player with the higher handicap.

Scratch League

  1. Each league match will consist of three games of singles match play to be played off scratch and in handicap index order.
  2. Clubs may enter more than one team. However, players may only play for one team in a season.
  3. Matches will be played on both home and away courses. At least one weekend date or one weekday evening start time (after 4pm) to be offered by the Home Club.

Recommendations for procedures in the case of extreme weather conditions for league matches

  1. If a course is closed or unplayable then the match should be re-arranged as soon as possible and in good time before the deadline/next round. That is before the end of September for scratch, silver, and bronze leagues.
  2. If any matches must be played on another day each team is free to alter its original team.
  3. In extremely inclement conditions, the two team captains may agree to play the match over fewer holes if both agree. This must be agreed before the match commences.
  4. If conditions worsen once play has started, and the match is suspended, it should resume from where it was suspended either on the same day or on another day. The result of completed games should stand as played and incomplete matches should be continued later the same day or on another date. Any matches that cannot be completed as scheduled should be considered tied.

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