MNR Scratch Matches - Round 1

The girls had their first two scratch league matches at Birstall Golf club in Leicestershire in the May half-term week. The new format of the Midlands North League this year means that the girls play 2 matches in one day against two different opponents, on this occasion it was Staffordshire and Shropshire.

The day was challenging on the weather front with wind and rain showers most of the day, but the girls kept the smiles on their faces underneath their brollies.

In the morning the team won 4 1/2 - 1 1/2 against Shropshire. In the afternoon playing Staffordshire the matches were very close and the result came down to the last two putts in the last match, which unfortunately went one up to Staffordshire and they won the match 4-2.

Scratch League Match v Shropshire

Nottinghamshire Points Score Shropshire Points Score
Esme Hamilton 0   Sophie Johnson 1 6&4
Carlotta Overhau ½ A/S Molly Barker ½ A/S
Laura Abbott 1 4&3 Rebecca Hollywell 0  
Jacey Peacock 1 8&7 Rebecca Buckingham 0  
Charlotte Parker 1 7&6 Scarlett Duthrie 0  
Sharna Betteridge 1 8&7 Melissa Hughes 0  


Scratch League Match v Staffordshire

Nottinghamshire Points Score Staffordshire Points Score
Esme Hamilton 1 4&3 Emily Brennan 0  
Carlotta Overhau 0   Morgan Thomas 1 5&4
Laura Abbott 1 1up Emily Sutton 0  
Jacey Peacock 0   Rachel Birch 1 2&1
Charlotte Parker 0   Georgia Pritchard 1 3&2
Sharna Betteridge 0   Ella Pugh 1 1up