Summary of Results 2010

County Meetings

Notts Girls Championship - Notts Golf Club - 2 May
 Closed Notts U18 Champion  Lianna Bailey (Notts Ladies)
 Closed Notts U18 Handicap Cup  Keeley Sweeney (Coxmoor)
 Scratch Salver U18  Kirsty Condon (Blankney)
 Marjorie Pretty Bronze Div Scratch Salver U18  Keeley Sweeney (Coxmoor)
NCLGA County Championship - Newark - 4-6 May
 NCLGA Champion  Katie Best (Sherwood Forest)
 Runner Up  Lianna Bailey (Notts Ladies)
 36 Holes Scratch  Katie Best (Sherwood Forest)
 36 Holes Handicap  Sophie newlove (Notts Ladies)
 Stacia Scrimshire Salver  Katie Best (Sherwood Forest)
 18 Holes Scratch AM  Katie Best (Sherwood Forest)
 18 Holes Handicap AM  Sue Robinson (Sherwood Forest)
 18 Holes Scratch PM  Katie Best (Sherwood Forest)
 18 Holes Handicap PM  Sophie Newlove (Notts Ladies)
 Spencer Watson Shield  Notts Ladies
Coronation Foursomes - Norwood Park - 10 June
 Winners:  Julia Furlonger and Margaret Ferguson (Stanton)
Summer Meeting - Mapperley - 8 July
 Scratch Cup Winner  Gillian Stump (Sherwood Forest)
 Handicap Cup Winner  Angela Jackson (Mapperley)
Veterans Trophy Meeting - Bulwell Forest - 2 August
 Scratch Cup Winner  Margaret Ferguson (Stanton)
 Dorothy Payne Cup  Margaret Ferguson (Stanton)
 Challenge Cup  Margaret Ferguson (Stanton)
Autumn Meeting - Southwell - 8 September
 36 Holes Aggregate Scratch  Gillian Stump (Sherwood Forest)
 36 Holes Aggregate Handicap  Jan Hooley (Stanton)
 18 Holes Scratch  Jan Hooley (Stanton)
 18 Holes Handicap  Jan Hooley (Stanton)


Ladies : Cotgrave Place

Mixed : Rushcliffe

League Results

  Division A Division B  Division C  Division D  Division  Division F
 1st Beeston  Mapperley  Ruddington  Oakmere A  Trent Lock  Ramsdale 


Rushcliffe Stanton Cotgrave Worksop Southwell
 3rd  Notts Ladies Coxmoor Newark Springwater College Pines Chilwell


Serlby Radcliffe Wollaton Norwood Nott'm City
  Division A Division B Division C Division D Division E Division
 1st Ramsdale  Sherwood   Edwalton Oakmere C   Oakmere A Springwater 
 2nd Ruddington Wollaton Southwell Radcliffe  Norwood  Newark 
 3rd Mapperley Retford Coxmoor  Cotgrave Beeston  Nott'm City 
 4th Stanton Trent Lock Worksop Rufford Chilwell   

County Matches

 County Week  Notts finished 3rd
1st team squad (County Week): Katie Best, Maria Betts, Janet Doleman, Emily Mae Hall, Caron Harrison, Emma Howie, Emma Sheffield, Lauren Spray, Kim Vardy  
 Northants - Wellingborough - 28 March  Notts lost ½ : 2½
 Sheffield Union - Sherwood Forest - 15 April  Notts won 3 : 2
(Others): Gillian Stump, Jodie Peacock, Janet Melville, Gaynor Tunney, Pat Fox, Sue Linacre, Jean Wilson, Vicky Forecast  
 Lincolnshire - Forest Pines - 16 June  Notts lost 7½ : 1½ 
 Lincolnshire - Notts Golf Club - 27 June  Match halved
 Leicestershire - Rothley Park - 25 July  Notts lost 5½ : 3½
 Leicestershire - Rushcliffe - 8 August  Notts lost 5½ : 3½
2nd team squad: Rachael Boulton, Ann Harris, Jan Hooley, Hilary Horton, Carol Houghton, Pat Fox, Sue Penfold, Jodie Peacock, Karen Raynor, Karen Ward, Collette Newton, Lianna Bailey, Annabelle Bailey, Sophie Newlove, Gaynor Tunney, Gillian Stump, Andrea Stockdale, Jean Wilson and Emily Cheshire  
 Derbyshire - Craythorn - 26 August  Notts won 6 : 0
 Staffordshire - Chilwell - 5 September  Notts lost 2 : 4
 Leicestershire - Belton Park - 8 April  Match halved
 Lincolnshire - Erewash Valley - 11 July  Notts lost
Junior squad: Alex Peters, Emma Newlove, Emily Cheshire, Emily Mae-Hall, Jodie Peacock, Emily Lyle, Sophie Newlove, Rachel Bolton, Rhiannon Linacre, Lianna Bailey, Annabel Bailey, Amy Oxbury