NCLGA Centenary 1908 - 2008 

The Centenary Committee of Jane Brewer, Wendy Nicholl, Maureen Clarke and Joan Underwood (Chairman) was set up in 2005 and all clubs were sent a letter requesting suggestions for celebrating the Centenary in 2008. Accordingly, arrangements were made for various special events through out the year. 

It was hoped that entries this year would be good for the County Championship and Spring Meeting at Sherwood Forest Golf Club 13th-15th May, the Coronation Foursomes at Ramsdale Park Golf Club on 9th June, the Summer Meeting at Chilwell Manor Golf Club on 7th July, the Veterans' Trophy at Edwalton Golf Club on 4th August and the Autumn Meeting at Beeston Fields Golf Club on 8th September. All players were to receive a memento of a special ball marker and all winners of these events would receive a commemorative plate.

Centenary Lunch

Centenary CommitteeThe Centenary Committee of NCLGA (Jane Brewer, Maureen Clarke, Wendy Nicholl & Joan Underwood) organised a very successful lunch at Notts Golf Club on the 11th September. Past Captains, Presidents and Club Representatives were invited to attend. 75 ladies were present to listen to a history of ladies golf in general and Notts Ladies in particular, given by Jane Brewer, and personal reminiscences of playing in and for Notts by Wendy Nicholl. Both very entertaining!

Each lady present, received a small memento of a coaster with our Centenary Crest on it, created by our Junior Organiser, Jane England. 


   Centenary Lunch Club! 

CentenaryMeal 10
Past Presidents, Captains and Officials

CentenaryMeal 9

Betty Jackson
Past President Captain and Secretary
Elsie Shanks and Gill Shawcross
 BettyJackson CentenaryMeal 12
Joan Brook, Joyce Crosby, Jean Wilson
and Eva Glasby
The Top Table
CentenaryMeal 6 CentenaryMeal 2
More memories of the day 
CentenaryMeal 8 
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