Interclub Foursomes 2017

Ladies Interclub Mixed Interclub
1st Round  8 May 1st Round  18 April
2nd Round  12 June 2nd Round  15 May
3rd Round  3 July 3rd Round  17 July
4th Round  14 August 4th Round  7 August
Final  11 September Final  17 September
Winners : Retford
Winners: Worksop

Mixed Interclub 2017

The final of the Mixed Interclub will be between Mapperley and Worksop, on 17th September.

Ladies Interclub Draw 2017

1st Round at 2nd Round at 3rd Round at 4th Round at FINAL at
8 May  12 June  3 July  14 August  11 September
    Wollaton Park CM  Wollaton Park  Wollaton Park N  Trent Lock


    Ruddington Grange
Beeston Fields  TL The Nottinghamshire NK  The Nottinghamshire
The Nottinghamshire
Coxmoor Ruff Coxmoor
Sherwood Forest
    Trent Lock NC  Trent Lock RT  Trent Lock
    Stanton on the Wolds
Oakmere Admirals  NP Southwell Cx  Southwell 
Worksop BrF Nottingham City
Nottingham City
    Retford SP  Retford BF  Retford SF  Retford
    Radcliffe on Trent
    Chilwell Manor Sth  Chilwell Manor
College Pines  OA  College Pines
    Rushcliffe M  Norwood Park Wk  Mapperley
    Norwood Park
Mapperley  RG Mapperley CP  Mapperley
Notts Ladies
Newark Ret Newark
Serlby Park
Beeston-BF:Brierley Forest-BrF:Chilwell-CM:College Pines-CP:Coxmoor-Cx:Mapperley-M:Newark-NK:Norwood-NP:Nottingham City-NC:
Springwater-Spr:Stanton-SW:Southwell-Sth:The Nottinghamshire-TN:Trent Lock-TL:Wollaton-WP:Worksop-Wk 

Maximum handicap is 24 (players above that must play off 24). Matches usually start at 1.30pm
The host club is no longer expected to provide a meal.
Clubs should contact each other and agree that one of you contact the host club to confirm arrangements.