County Finals 2017

Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club, Suffolk - 18th to 22nd September

Felixtowe Ferry Golf Club, Ferry Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk, IP11 9RY

The County Finals will be played between the winners of the six regional match weeks; Nottinghamshire, Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Suffolk and Yorkshire.

Captain: Helen Maber

Team:  Emma Anderson (Sherwood Forest), Rachel Boulton (Springwater), Emily Cheshire (Notts Ladies), Caron Harrison (Sherwood Forest), Carol Houghton (The Nottinghamshire), Emma Howie (Stanton on the Wolds), Libby Kilbride (Worksop), Kristina Lazarevic (Notts Ladies), Lauren Spray (Notts Ladies), Carol Wild (Notts Ladies) and Glenys Priestley (Reserve – Notts Ladies)



Monday: The day started cool and quite misty as Nottinghamshire opened play in the 2017 Championship against Buckinghamshire. The morning foursomes were halved, with all to play for in the afternoon singles. Libby Kilbride followed up her morning foursomes win with Rachel Boulton with the same 7-6 score in her singles match in the afternoon. Great wins by Emily Cheshire (3-2) and Emma Howie (6-5) meant that all rested on Lauren Spray in the final match. Lauren was one down on the 18th tee but followed up a fantastic drive with a pitching wedge to 2feet to win the last hole and halve her match.
The final result was a 5-4 win to Notts and a brilliant start to the championship.

Tuesday: Today Notts played against a very strong Yorkshire team. The foursomes matches ended with just half a point to Notts, but the matches were very close indeed with the first match finishing with a half on the 18th and the second match finishing on the 17th after a Yorkshire birdie on 16. In the afternoon singles, Yorkshire showed their strength with some fantastic bunker shots and very solid putting. Excellent golf was played by all the Notts girls, with three matches going all the way to the 18th green. Sadly, the end result was 8.5 to Yorkshire and 0.5 to Nottinghamshire but the score really does not do justice to the very solid golf played by Notts in some difficult matches.

Wednesday: A much sunnier day today for our match against Hampshire, with the wind changing direction to provide new challenges for the players. In the morning foursomes Kristina Lazarevic and Emma Anderson made their debuts, paired with Rachel Boulton and Caron Harrison respectively, with Lauren Spray and Emily Cheshire as the final pairing. Once again, our team played some excellent golf. Rachel chipped in for an eagle on the 7th, but somehow the putts simply did not drop and the solid golf from our Notts girls was not enough against a strong Hampshire team. Caron Harrison and Emma Anderson were feeling very positive in their match after 15 holes, just one down and hitting the ball really well, only to be halted in their tracks by a Hampshire hole in one on the par 3 16th. The results of the morning foursomes was a 3-0 win for Hampshire.
In the afternoon, Notts achieved three excellent wins to halve the singles matches and finish the day 6-3 down. Congratulations to Rachel Boulton, Lauren Spray and Emily Cheshire for putting some well deserved Notts points on the scoreboard.

Thursday: What a day of quality golf! Today Notts faced unbeaten Gloucestershire and again there were some very tight foursomes matches in the morning. Two matches finished on 17 and 18 with just a putt here or there making the difference in the result, a frustrating 3-0 win to Gloucestershire. In the afternoon, Kristina Lazarevic played her first singles match and more than held her own against her Gloucestershire opponent, losing on the 16th green 2/1. Libby Kilbride hardly dropped a shot in her match, just losing out to too many birdies and finishing 2/1. The Notts girls all played excellent golf with great wins from Rachel Boulton, Emily Cheshire and Emma Howie. A half from Lauren Spray gave a win for the Notts team in the afternoon singles, but an overall result for the day Gloucestershire 5½ Nottinghamshire 3½.

Friday: The final day of England Finals and Notts played the home team Suffolk in beautiful sunshine on a day surprisingly with no wind. Once again the Notts girls were frustrated in the morning foursomes, losing all three matches with two finishing on the 18th green. So close!
In the afternoon the Notts team played fantastic golf to secure three very strong wins. Kristina Lazarevic beat her Suffolk opponent 8/7, Rachel Boulton won 6/4 and Libby Kilbride 6/5. Quality golf was played by all. The end result of the day was a 6-3 win to Suffolk.
Congratulations to Yorkshire for taking the trophy from the holders Gloucestershire in a very exciting finish on the 18th green. Nottinghamshire took 5th place in what has been an amazing week of golf. I feel very privileged to have captained such a fantastic team. Each and every team member gave their very best this week and should be very proud indeed that they have represented their county at such a high level.
Thanks must go to Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club for hosting the event so well. We were all made so welcome during the week, the course was in great condition and the whole event ran very smoothly. We are already looking forward to 2018 when County Week will be held in Nottinghamshire. Thanks to all the Nottinghamshire supporters who made the long journey to Felixstowe to support our team and for all the cards and messages from so many at home. Thanks too to President Maureen Clarke for her wonderful support during the week and to my two vice captains Glenys Priestley and Carol Houghton for all they did to help the week run so smoothly.

Helen Maber
County Captain

HelenMaureen17 Cards17


The Draw

Mon 18 Sept Tues 19 Sept Wed 20 Sept Thurs 21 Sept Fri 22 Sept

Notts v Bucks

Glos v Suffolk

Hants v Yorks

Glos v Hants

Bucks v Suffolk

Yorks v Notts

Suffolk v Yorks

Notts v Hants

Glos v Bucks

Notts v Glos

Bucks v Yorks

Hants v Suffolk

Hants v Bucks

Yorks v Glos

Suffolk v Notts


The Results

  Notts Glos Hants Yorks Bucks Suffolk TOTAL
Notts   0 (3½) 0 (3)  0 (½) 1 (5) 0 (3)  1 (15)
Glos 1 (5½)    1 (5½)
0 (4)  1 (8)  1 (8) 4 (31)
Hants 1 (6)  0 (3½)   0 (0)
1(5½) 0 (3½)  2 (18½)
Yorks 1 (8½)
1 (5)  1 (9)   ½ (4½) 1 (7½) 4½(34½)
Bucks 0 (4)
0 (1)  0 (3½) ½ (4½)   0 (4)
½ (17)
Suffolk 1 (6) 0 (1) 1 (5½)  0 (1½) 1 (5)   3 (19)

 Winners - Yorkshire   ; Runners Up - Gloucestershire 


Monday Results: Notts won 5 - 4; Gloucs beat Suffolk 8 - 1; Yorks beat Hants 9 - 0

Nottinghamshire v Buckinghamshire
Notts Rslt Pts Bucks Rslt Pts
Emma Howie
Carol Houghton
Alice Kozlowski
Georgina Bowers
2&1 1
Lauren Spray
Emily Cheshire
A/S ½
Victoria Bryan
Thalia Kirby
A/S ½
Rachel Boulton
Libby Kilbride
7&6 1
Suzanna Mitterer
Julia Gallagher
Rachel Boulton   0 Alice Kozlowski 7&6 1
Libby Kilbride 7&6 1 Daisy Kennedy   0
Carol Wild   0 Thalia Kirby  5&4 1
Emma Howie 6&5 1 Denise Goodacre   0
Emily Cheshire 3&2 1 Chloe Li   0
Lauren Spray A/S ½  Deeya Aggarwal A/S ½ 



Tuesday Results: Notts lost 8½ - ½; Gloucs beat Hants 5½ - 3½; Suffolk beat Bucks 5 - 4

Nottinghamshire v Yorkshire
 Notts Rslt Pts  Yorks Rslt Pts
Rachel Boulton
Libby Kilbride
A/S ½ 
Megan Garland
Nicola Slater
A/S ½ 
Lauren Spray
Emily Cheshire
Olivia Winning
Megan Lockett
2&1 1
Caron Harrison
Emma Howie
Hannah Holden
Charlotte Heath
4&3 1
Lauren Spray   0 Megan Lockett 1 up 1
Libby Kilbride   0 Olivia Winning 4&3 1
Rachel Boulton   0 Megan Garland 1 up 1
Carol Wild   0 Charlotte Heath 4&3 1
Emma Howie   0 Melissa Wood 3&1 1
Emily Cheshire   0 Hannah Holden 1 up 1


Wednesday Results: Notts lost 6 - 3; Yorks beat Suffolk 7½ - 1½; Gloucs beat Bucks 8 - 1

Nottinghamshire v Hampshire
 Notts Rslt Pts Hants Rslt Pts
Lauren Spray
Emily Cheshire
Kelly Travers
Sammi Keen
Caron Harrison
Emma Anderson
Kerry Smith
Adrian Mylrea
Rachel Boulton
Kristina Lazarevic
Aimee Paterson
Raffi Dyer
Libby Kilbride    Georgie Mundy  6&5 
Emma Howie     Kerry Smith 1 up 
Emily Cheshire  5&4 Aimee Paterson   
Lauren Spray  4&3 1  Adrian Mylrea  
Carol Wild    Sami Keen  6&5 
Rachel Boulton  7&6 Kelly Travers   


Thursday Results: Notts lost 5½ - 3½; Yorks halved with Bucks; Suffolk beat Hants 5½ - 3½

Nottinghamshire v Gloucestershire
 Notts Rslt Pts  Glos Rslt Pts
Lauren Spray
Emily Cheshire 
Alex Saunders
Alex Giles 
1 up 
Rachel Boulton
Libby Kilbride 
Claudia Ovens
Grace Connelly 
 2&1 1
Caron Harrison
Emma Howie 
Ebonie Lewis
Caley McGinty 
Emily Cheshire  3&1  Ebonie Lewis   
Lauren Spray  A/S  ½  Ffion  Tynan A/S  ½ 
Libby Kilbride     Claudia Ovens 2&1 
Kristina Lazarevic    Grace Connelly 3&2 
Emma Howie  3&1  Sam Round   
Rachel Boulton  4&3  Alex Saunders  


Friday Results: Notts lost 6 - 3; Yorks beat Gloucs 5 - 4; Hants beat Bucks 5½ - 3½

Nottinghamshire v Suffolk
 Notts Rslt Pts  Suffolk Rslt Pts
Caron Harrison
Carol Wild
Victoria Inglis
Lottie Whyman 
1 up 
Kristina Lazarevic
Libby Kilbride 
Sharon Luckman
Fiona Edmond 
1 up 
Emma Anderson
Emma Howie 
Vanessa Bell
Alice Barlow
Emily Cheshire    Alice Barlow  2&1 
Lauren Spray    Lottie Whyman  3&2 
Rachel Boulton  6&4  Abbie Symonds   
Kristina Lazarevic  8&7  Amanda Norman  
Emma Anderson    Lils James 5&4 
Libby Kilbride  6&5  Vanessa Bell