Privacy Statement 2018

NCLGA Nottinghamshire County Ladies Golf Association was formed at a meeting held on December 5th 1908 and at the present time there are 30 Affiliated Clubs. NCLGA value your privacy.

Function of the NCLGA
  • To communicate information to all affiliated clubs in the county
  • To facilitate county competitions and matches
  • To encourage and provide opportunities to play golf at all levels
  • To give up to date information and advice as necessary
Data gathered
  • Names, telephone numbers, email addresses for club secretary/manager, ladies secretary, lady captain, lady match secretary and lady handicap secretary of all affiliated clubs
  • Data is updated annually on request of the NCLGA Secretary/Assistant Secretary
  • Data collected via email
  • Annual updating and destroying data after events ensures no unnecessary data is held
  • Accuracy of data relies on correct information being received
  • Data is collected similarly for NCLGA officials
  • Names, addresses telephone numbers, email addresses, CDH numbers collected for competition entries
  • Special category data. Medical data held by NCLGA agreed by persons concerned. That information is not shared
How that data is used
  • Once all updates received it is sent to all lady secretaries of all affiliated clubs
  • That data can then be given to officials within their own club. NCLGA is not responsible for the policies of those golf clubs
  • It is not used for marketing or mailing lists
  • It is not held on NCLGA website
  • NCLGA Exec data is passed to club secretaries
  • Data used to inform clubs and players of events
Why the data is needed
  • For communication and functioning of the Association
  • To ensure compliance with NCLGA Rules and Regulations
  • To enable matches and competitions to be arranged
  • To inform clubs of events
  • To update clubs of changes to CONGU, R&A
  • To encourage participation
  • To inform of opportunities
  • To allow access to Advisers for guidance
  • To allow access to NCLGA for advice and organisational function
Links to other site
  • NCLGA website offers links to other sites however; NCLGA is not responsible for their policies regarding the collection of information. If a linked site is viewed their privacy and other policies should be reviewed.
Changes to our Privacy Policy
  • Any changes NCLGA may make to the privacy policy in the future will be posted on this page
Download a copy of the Privacy Statement:  pdf